The sole ingredient in OUTLAST is Cluster Dextrin™. Cluster Dextrin™ is a trademarked version of highly branched cyclic dextrin, a relatively new form of carbohydrate. Cluster Dextrin™ has undergone rigorous testing in the lab. Five different randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled crossover studies on high level athletes indicate that sports drinks made with Cluster Dextrin™ will INCREASE ENDURANCE, REDUCE GI DISTRESS, and REDUCE FATIGUE.*

These studies have been published in several peer reviewed journals including The Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness.


OUTLAST with Cluster Dextrin™ Will Increase Endurance

OUTLAST has no sugar and releases a slow, steady stream of glucose into the blood. This is significant because it does not cause a spike in insulin. Ingesting sugar based fuel sources such as dextrose, sucrose, fructose, maltodextrin, etc., has a dramatic effect on blood glucose levels, causing a rapid spike.

Rapid spikes in blood glucose levels are accompanied by rapid spikes in insulin a short time later. When your insulin levels suddenly increase, two things happen. First, your body’s ability to burn stored body fat for energy becomes severely limited. Second, all of the glucose in your blood is quickly removed, some going to your muscles the rest (and the majority) being stored as fat.

So now you are really in trouble. You have very low levels of glucose in your blood and your body isn’t burning fat. Essentially, you have run out of fuel. You have hit the wall, or bonked. There probably isn’t a single endurance athlete out there that hasn’t experienced the dreaded bonk.

OUTLAST is the perfect sports drink as it allows your body to burn glucose AND body fat, the ideal mix of fuel. Athletes fueling with OUTLAST's Cluster Dextrin™ have shown 50% more endurance vs athletes using other fuel sources!


OUTLAST is the Best Sports Drink to Reduce GI Distress

There is a good chance that all of us have had a race ruined by stomach issues. Whether that is just stomach cramps, the urge to find the nearest tree, or vomiting. Whatever the case may be, GI distress can have disastrous results on performance.

When we eat, the food must be digested in order to be absorbed and utilized as fuel. In order to digest this food, blood flow is diverted from other areas of your body to your stomach and intestines. When racing, blood flow is in high demand from your working muscles and may not be diverted to your digestive system. If your stomach does not get enough blood flow to help digest the food, your digestive tract fuctions less efficiently and gastro intestinal distress occurs.

OUTLAST is easily digestible and has the fastest gastric emptying time of any product on the market. Because OUTLAST is so easily digestible, it requires very little blood to be diverted from your muscles to your digestive system. This allows you to continue racing without GI distress.

Studies have shown that athletes fueling with OUTLAST's Cluster Dextrin™ during exercise report very few symptoms of GI distress. In fact, during these studies, athletes ingesting only water reported more GI distress than athletes fueling with Cluster Dextrin™.

If you have ever had a race ruined by stomach issues, OUTLAST could be the answer for you!


OUTLAST Endurance Drinks Will Reduce Fatigue

Training and competing is hard work. No matter what level of athlete you are, from back of the pack to podium contender, all of the hours spent in the gym, on the road, or in the water can take their toll. Sometimes all of the stress and fatigue can be too much and our performance suffers.

If this sounds familiar to you, then we can help. Athletes fueling with OUTLAST's Cluster Dextrin™ have lower levels of perceived exertion during exercise as well as significantly diminished levels of the stress causing hormones interleukin (IL-8, IL-10, and IL-12p40) and noradrenaline after exercise.  The result is less fatigue, leading to an improvement in conditioning and performance.

OUTLAST won’t replace the need for training, but when you’ve put in the hard work, OUTLAST will give you the extra edge you need to go farther, faster.


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